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Jayson Boebert Will Show You His Penis.

Updated: May 8, 2021

Boebert’s husband, Jayson, also had brushes with law enforcement. In January 2004, he was arrested after allegedly exposing his penis to two girls at a bowling alley, according to an arrest affidavit. One of the victims was a minor who was 16 years old. Lauren Boebert (then age 17 and known as Lauren Opal Roberts) was also there. Jayson Boebert pleaded guilty to public indecency and lewd exposure, earning himself four days in jail and two years’ probation.

According to the arrest affidavit (pdf), at about 7:00 p.m. that evening, the young girls were standing at the snack bar discussing their tattoos when Jayson, standing several feet away, overheard the conversation and informed them that he had a tattoo on his genitals. The girls turned their backs towards Jayson to ignore him, but Jayson then came up behind them, unzipped his pants, pulled his penis out and displayed the shaft to them with his thumb covering the head. The girls complained to the bowling alley owner, who asked Jayson several times to leave the establishment. Jayson refused and became belligerent, leading the owner to call law enforcement.

According to the arrest report, the officer detected the smell of alcohol on Jayson, and Jayson admitted he had been drinking. Two females described the incident to Garfield County Sheriff officers and signed witness statements leading to Jayson’s arrest. Jayson told the officers that he had “displayed his thumb pretending it was his genitals in a gesture of fun,” according to the report, but one of the victims wrote in her statement, “I know that wasn’t his thumb, because thumbs aren’t 6 inches long.”

In February 2004, he was booked on a domestic violence charge, against Lauren Boebert. He “did unlawfully strike, shove or kick … and subjected her to physical contact,” a spokesman for the Garfield associate county court clerk told The Post. They had been dating at the time.

Jayson Boebert ultimately served seven days in jail. The busts were first unearthed by Colorado blogger Anne Landman. Lauren Boebert took her revenge in May 2004 during an altercation with Jayson at his home in which she scratched his face and chest and trashed his residence, according to a police report. She was slapped with third-degree assault, criminal mischief and underage drinking charges. A rep for the Garfield County Combined Court said they could not reveal any information about the case’s final disposition.

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